How to create your own Insignias addon

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Intro - Installing Programs

Install these Programs:
Install the ArmA III Tools on Steam

1. Open Steam
2. Navigate to Library
3. Click on the dropdown menu above the games list and select "Tools"
4. Find "Arma 3 Tools" in the list
5. Install them.

Install Notepad++

Note: You can use any Text-Editor of your choice

Download the latest version and run the installer.

Step 1. - The Insignias

You first need to create the Insignias. (I will leave this to you)
The optimal size is 128x128 pixel (px).
Now save the Image(s) as '.png' file(s).

Step 2. - Download

Download the file here

It contains the following:


Step 3. - Creating Project Folder

Create a folder somewhere for your project, I called mine 'test addon'.

Step 4. - Creating Addon Folder

Open the folder you just created and extract the files from the '' you downloaded before into it.
Now you should have the folder called 'insignia_addon' in there.

Step 5. - Open the texture folder

Open the 'insignia_addon' folder and go to the 'icon' folder.
You will find a file called 'test.paa' in there, this is a 128x128 px Image converted to the .paa file format, which is the texture format for ArmA.

Step 6. - Replacing the test.paa

Because you obviously want to use you own Insignias you need to convert your png files from earlier to the .paa format.

The png's

Let's get your .png's ready.
In your addon folder (I called mine 'test addon'), create a new folder and call it 'pngs'.
Now move all the .png files you created at the beginning in it.

Open 'ImageToPAA' and convert the files.

1. Open the Arma 3 Tools.

2. Open 'ImageToPAA'

3. Check all the checkboxes that are checked in the image above.
4. Click 'Add a source directory' and select the folder 'pngs', where all your insignias are in.
5. Click the Folder Icon in the red circle and select the folder 'icon' in 'insignia_addon'.
6. Click process files.

Step 7. - Editing the Config.cpp

Open the 'Config.cpp' in the 'insignia_addon' folder wit Notepad++ (Rightclick 'open with Notepad++').

Edit the Config.cpp

1. Change 'author' and 'authorUrl'. You can also change 'insignia_addon' to something you like (dont use spaces)

We can now get startet with adding your Insignias.

2. Edit the first block of code:
Change the class 'insignia_test1' to something else (no space, just stick with _). This needs to be unique (dont use it twice).
Change the 'displayName': 'Test Insignia' to something you like
Change the 'author': from 'You' to your Name
Change the 'texture': change the 'insignia_addon' if you changed the Class of the addon above to the new Class name.
Change the 'test.paa' to the name of you .paa

If you want to add more Insignias just copy the block of text like this:

Step 8. - Before packing

New you should have a folder stucture like this:

( test1.paa)
( test2.paa)
( test3.paa)

Step 9. - Pack the Addon

Open the Arma 3 Tools and open the Addon Builder
1. Select the 'insignia_addon' folder at the top
2. Below, put in any other folder and the name of you addon (the class you set in the Config.cpp in this example it was 'insignia_addon') and .pbo at the end

3. In Path to project folder select the folder from 1.

4. Go Back and click PACK.

Step 10. - Install

To Install your new addon:
1. Open your Arma 3 Folder
2. create a new Folder called @YourAddon
3. Create a folder called 'addon' in there (You can change the @Your Addon to anything but this Folder must be named 'addon')
4. Place your .pdo file you created in the 'addon' folder
5. Open Arma
6. Go to Parameters
7. Check the mods box
8. put in @YourAddon;
9. Hit Play

Trouble with something? Questions?

If you have any problems, feel free to join the group on steam: click here


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Last update: 18th Feb 2022, 1:00 CET